It’s been Hyggelig

life in Copenhagen has been exciting and a whirlwind. Since moving here I’ve invested my time in making friends, eating at lots of places, visiting lots of attractions, learning to bike and giving my new job top priority- it’s been a very hectic few months… I’ve laughed a lot, missed home and then cried a lot, I’ve gone on some dates… so now is the time to continue with the blogging 🙂

Life here is good, it’s Hyggelig ☺️

I’m going to post about the places I’ve visited and the dates that I’ve been on, tomorrow I will blog about my date number one… Until then I’ll leave you with this photo:

   Pretty Tivoli…

Mingling in Malmö

After a busy day of eating, drinking, people watching and catching up we decided over a hearty breakfast at The Laundromat 






 We needed to do somethin cultured which our Saturday so we took ourselves to Østerport station where we caught the train from Copenhagen to Malmö


Upon arriving in this little Swedish city we headed to Lilla Torg 




We enjoyed some great food and lots of laughter, we were so cosy we stayed parked there for a few hours before we walked around the canals and sweet shops that Malmö had to offer. It was a good Saturday 🙂

“Celebrating Life” In Copenhagen 



This weekend seen my beautiful friend come to visit me in Copenhagen, it was the most relaxed weekend that I’ve had in a while.

Friday we ‘celebrated life’; we started the day at Dag H in Østerbro where we  overlooked the pretty lakes with espresso martini’s



We then hired a city bike and went to see the little mermaid


This was followed by a walk to Nørreport area where we went to  Paludan Cafe to have lunch, bubbles and macaroons 



After a few hours of catching up and laughing lots we walked to Nyhavn



We spent some time people watching and drinking more bubbles than should be allowed in one day, but when on holiday why not?!? 😉

We finished the day with a stop off at Dahl & Dahl in Kongens Nytorv before taking ourselves home to bed before a busy Saturday in Sweden, which I will write about tomorrow…



Remember to get out and breathe…

Today I ‘worked’ from home as I had a technician coming around to sort out some same problems at the apartment, I took a lunch break down by the lake- what a view!

I also stopped and has a kaffe at Den Franske Café 

I also may have called into a local shop and bought these- oops

 It’s been another beautiful day in Copenhagen, it was nice to take some time out and appreciate my surroundings.  tonight I have a cocktail event to go to, sounds fun 😉 

just to finish- here’s a selfie showcasing the LV 🙂

I hope that your also having a good hump day!

Hello Østerbro

And so I am here! I arrived in Copenhagen a week ago and what a pleasant arrival it was, to this cosy apartment 

The first week has gone by in a bit of a blur, I’ve spent many hours unpacking and arranging but it’s finally looking in good shape here 🙂

The weekend was a decent one, spent exploring my new City

On Friday I went to Cafe Bopa in Østerbro

Saturday we went shopping and then to Coma in Vesterbro for cocktails 


And lastly Sunday was spent sight seeing and enjoying some Joe & the juice 

Let the Copenhagen adventures continue…. 😀 

It’s my Birthday

ok thats a lie, it was my birthday- last Thursday to be exact.

I mentioned in my Paris post that I made a special purchase, and I did, a birthday treat that looks like this-

A Louis Vuitton neverfull, it’s love!

I had an amazing birthday, I was treated to a lovely cake and some other really special gifts, I also had a few celebrations with friends

All in all it was a perfect  birthday and last weekend in London before the  move